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Ian Reid's Vendor Advocacy Australia - A better way to sell your home from Ben Reid

Vendor Advocacy, an initiative and creation of Ian Reid, was established in Australia in 2001.

Homesellers were one of the least protected and most maligned consumer groups in the community. They were routinely subjected to conflicting and misleading advice, emotional and financial manipulation, great pressure and self-serving strategies, because of outdated, inscrutable methods of selling real estate.

Vendor Advocacy Australia acts solely for the seller and is responsible for appointing the appropriate real estate agent, on behalf of the vendor. This ensures at all times that the selling agents do what they say they will do. Charge a fair and reasonable fee, act impartially when introducing buyers and market and promote the property professionally and effectively.

Vendor Advocacy is perfect for you when selling your property:

  • ~ If you first and foremost, want the truth.
  • ~ If you want the selling process done correctly, so you get the best price.
  • ~ If you have rarely sold real estate before or had trouble selling previously.
  • ~ If you are unsure of the value of your property or which selling method to use.
  • ~ If you do not have the time to run around interviewing agents yourself.
  • ~ If you are selling a property in an unfamiliar area.
  • ~ If you are a Trustee, Executor or an investor who wants our expertise in securing the right deals with the best agent.
  • ~ If you want all the pressure and stress of selling eliminated.

Perhaps one of the best things, there is no additional cost to sell your home with Vendor Advocacy Australia.

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